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Cancelled: An Evening of Cabaret and Comedy – The Best Bits

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Join us for a fun-filled fundraiser of song, dance and plenty of laughs.

JB Entertainment

Saturday 28 November 2015

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Another rollocking romp of a panto!

Rowntree Players

Saturday 5 December to Saturday 12 December 2015

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The Time of Our Lives

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Join in the fun with Reflex Dance Troupe, sit back, stand up or dance along as we travel through the greatest hits of the century!

Reflex Dance Troupe

Sunday 13 December 2015

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Shepherd Group Brass Bands Christmas Concert

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A Christmas Extravaganza

Shepherd Group Brass Band

Friday 18 December to Saturday 19 December 2015

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Factsheet - Lighting System

The lighting system had a major refurbishment in 2004, and is being incrementally improved each year.


There are 72 dimmer circuits from a set of Zero88 Chilli series Dimmers. All of the circuits are fully patchable. 60 circuits are rated for 10 Amps of resistive load, the remaining 12 circuits are rated at 16 Amps.

All lighting sockets utilise 15A round pin unfused plugs and outlets.


The lighting control board is a ETC Ion board. A 4 way DMX splitter allows control circuits to be extended to other equipment within the theatre.

Lighting Points

There are 16 circuits to each of the 3 stage lighting bars, 4 circuits to the top cyclorama bar, 4 circuits to the bottom cyclorama lights.

There are 8 dip (floor) sockets each side of the stage spaced evenly from upstage to downstage, 2 sockets are on each of the stage perches. In the pit there are 4 sockets, and 8 sockets on the cyclorama (the central 4 sockets are normally used for the lower cyclorama lights).

12 circuits go to the roof void lights. 10 circuits go to each of the 2 front of house lighting platforms.


Available Lanterns
3500 WCCT Minuette Floods
6500 WPAR 56s
2650 WCCT Minuette Profile Spot
6650 WVision V650Z 14-33 Zoom Profile
14800 WSelecon SPX 15-35 Profile
16800 WSelecon SPX 25-50 Profile
101000 WPAR 64s
51000 WCCT Starlette 1000 Fresnels
41000 WSelecon Rama PC
301000 WSelecon Rama Fresnel
41200 WSelecon Rama Fresnel

Additionally there are the 2 sets of cyclorama lights which each consist of 5 sets of 4 lamps each of 500W. The upper set is permanently wired in place and cannot be moved.


There are 2 Robert Juliat Buxie Follow-spots, with a colour changer pack, mounted on a tripod in the roof void. The follow-spots are unable to illuminate the very front of the stage apron (orchestra pit) or anywhere in the auditorium.

Other Lights and Electrical Equipment

Any electrical equipment that is to be plugged into the theatre electrical or lighting systems must be approved by the Stage Manager before use. The hirer is responsible for ensuring any electrical equipment brought is electrically safe and correctly labelled. Inductive loads must not be plugged into the dimmers.